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LLC "Baltlanta" has revived the good traditions of Lithuanian fishing fleet. The company was founded in December 1996 and is one of the largest ship owners in Lithuania.

For more than 20 years Baltlanta has been fishing and processing fish from the Atlantic Ocean. Main fishing grounds are in Morocco and Mauritania. Fish being caught by Baltlanta’s vessels is sold in West African countries.

From headquarters in Klaipeda, Lithuania and with a help of its partners in Las Palmas, Canary Islands (Katla Seafood Canarias S.L.U. – fleet operator), Baltlanta ensures the high quality fish products through the knowledge of the fishing grounds, up-to-date equipment, innovations and well-trained personnel. Vessels are certified and comply with requirements of European Union institutions.

Planned investment strategy contributes to successful company development. Due to this, despite the hard economic situation, Baltlanta was not only able to continue its business and stay afloat, but also to fulfill its strategic investment plans.

Baltlanta owns and operates a fleet that consists of "Moonzund" type vessels.

The fleet is currently on the path of existing vessel modernization with a goal to allow catch volumes to grow in the future.


The company has 2 fishing vessels. Both fly the flag of Lithuania. More


This section includes the gallery from company's fleet, fishing process, product photos. More

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